What is the cause of "sagging" that gets old all at once in your 40s? Why does my skin sag? What should I do?

Skin problems in their 40s that are getting worse day by day.

Above all, the impression of the face gets old at once "Sag" The trouble is serious.

First of all, I will explain the mechanism of "why the skin in the 40s sags".

"My face is longer than it used to be" may be true, not because of my mind.

When I look in the mirror "I feel like my face is longer than it used to be ..." Have you ever thought?

It's proof that your face is sagging.

Sagging is drooping due to aging of the skin.

When you are young, your skin is thick and your muscles are firmly attached, so your skin is firm and your face line is lifted up, but as you age, your skin becomes thinner and your muscles weaken.

also, The subcutaneous tissue that supports the skin, such as collagen and elastin, also weakens, making the skin unable to withstand gravity and falling down.

As a result, the face line looks sluggish, which makes the face look longer overall.

Be careful of sudden diets in your 40s. The thinner you lose, the faster the sagging may accelerate.

Please remember.

I think there are many people who had a fluffy face when they were young.

Not only was the subcutaneous tissue firm when I was young, but it was also fat and firm.

However, the fat decreases with aging, and it becomes refreshing in the middle to late 20s.

The thick eyes are refreshing, and the chin line is sharp.

That is why many people think that it was the most beautiful at that time.

I wish I could keep that condition, but unfortunately I can't stop aging.

From there, the fat will be further reduced, and the cheeks and face line will become squeaky.

and The less fat you have, the faster the sagging will progress. The face line will look more slack.

Some people in their 40s are worried that their face won't lose weight, but that's a mistake.

The loose skin just makes the face line look fat.

Rather, the more you lose weight, the more your face will sag and give you a poor impression, so a sudden diet is dangerous.

There is some relationship between your parents and your degree of sagging.

The way the face sags depends on the size of the cheekbones and the original way the meat is attached, but there is no difference in the way it sags.

For example, I have a high cheekbone, so if there is no meat on it, the cheeks will be squeaky and the cheeks will look longer, and people with gills will tend to look like they are extended downwards because the face line will fall off. ..

Basically, it's true for everyone that when sagging occurs, the face looks longer.

However, you may be able to tell if sagging is likely to occur or not by looking at your parents to some extent.

First, check whether you look like your father or mother.

Unfortunately, if the skin of a similar person is sagging skin, it may be inherited.

Depending on where the face line, eyes, nasolabial fold, etc. are slack, you can see some of your slack in the future.

70% of the causes are sunburn damage accumulation.

Everyone ages equally year by year.

There are individual differences in the speed of aging, but unfortunately aging cannot be stopped.

However, 70% of the causes of skin aging are caused by ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays not only destroy collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm, but also damage the fibroblasts that make them.

What if the speed at which collagen and elastin are produced slows down as we get older, and the ability to make them also weakens? The skin that new things can't keep up with is steadily falling.

Take a look at your body. The body covered with clothes will have less slack.

Grandpas and grandmas are easy-to-understand examples of how much UV light causes sagging.

I think there are many old people who have sagging faces and wrinkles as they get older, but they don't sag as if their entire body had fallen down, right?

This is because the body covered with clothes is less affected by UV rays than the face.

It can be said that the effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin is great.

However, when I become a grandpa or grandma, I think my whole body gets smaller.

I don't see many very fat old people.

That's because the fat has atrophied.

As you age, your metabolism deteriorates and you should be more likely to gain weight, but the fat itself atrophies, making the whole look smaller.

The wrinkles and slack around the thin arms and abdomen of the grandpas are due to the lack of fat.

Steady UV care that lasts 365 days is the most reliable measure against "sagging".

UV care is often forgotten in the fall after the sunny summer.

There will be a difference between those who can take good care of them and those who cannot take good care of them in 3 or 5 years.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, apply sunscreen and reapply frequently.

And when you go out, make a habit of UV protection, such as using a parasol or hat.

UV care is the easiest and most reliable anti-aging you can do at home.