LIPO FREXI Commitment》
Brand Policy

At LIPO FREXI , we aim to be as naturally derived as possible.
Because we focused on the most important middle layer of the skin, not on "from the outside" or "from the inside".
It is said that something that is bad for the environment is bad for your skin, but in LIPO FREXI , most of the ingredients are naturally derived .

3 Of course 5 < b> To one challenge》
Paradigm Shift

Many cosmetics so far have 3 themes of "giving, moisturizing, and keeping"
However, LIPO FREXI studied with its 3 naturally scalpels and added 2 themes.
It is the theme of "protecting and creating".
And LIPO FREXI was subjected to a compounding test to match the 2 themes, and only the ingredients that passed the conformity were additionally compounded.
The LIPO FREXI completed by these challenges has become a new form of skin care series that goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary cosmetics.