Characteristics of gel cosmetics
◯ Taking advantage of the skin-friendly properties such as water retention, adsorptivity, permeability, and breathability of gel,
without any synthetic surfactant to mix oil and water

Gel skin care products are based on gel.

Since it does not form a film like oil, it does not interfere with cutaneous respiration,
It feels light and is not sticky. while sending plenty of moisture to your skin
Helps the skin itself to be reborn and leads to healthy skin.

Gel is a gift from nature
Natural gel is a sticky substance found in nature.
* It is a jelly-like product that is "sticky" and "slimy" such as aloe, seaweed, and clay.

Natural gels are plant gels (sea and land plants), animal gels (fish),
Each has a wide range of characteristics such as mountain gel (mineral).

Human skin cells are also involved in "moisturizing ability" like gels in nature
There is a viscous (gel) factor as an important one.
Gel cosmetics were developed by paying attention to this stickiness.
* Gels derived from cows and sheep are not used.

Gel action on skin
◯ Excellent adsorptivity
Not only does it adsorb stains, but it also removes dirt, oil, and red stains that have accumulated in the pores.

◯ Excellent breathability
It does not interfere with the absorption of oxygen, improves the metabolism of the skin, and suppresses the peroxidation of sebum

◯ Excellent water retention ability
It is not only oil but also water that is necessary for moisturizing the skin. The moisturizing property of the gel moisturizes the skin

◯ Excellent cell activation ability
To replenish oxygen, it activates cells and enhances the natural power